Learn to remotely control your vehicle with genesis connected services and Amazon Alexa

A lot of consideration has gone into equipping Genesis vehicles with the capabilities to make using the vehicle safe and convenient. With the Genesis Alexa Skill, you get the ease of use of Amazon Echo combined with the luxury and comfort of Genesis design.

After successfully setting up and enabling your Genesis Skill, you’re ready to use Amazon Alexa with your Genesis vehicle. With this system, you can remote start, remote lock or control the temperature within your vehicle by using simple voice commands.

To remote start, say, “Alexa, ask Genesis to start my car.”

To remote start and set temperature, say, “Alexa, ask Genesis to start my car and set the temperature to 72 degrees.”

To lock your vehicle, say, “Alexa, tell Genesis to lock my vehicle.”

When using Genesis Skill, the vehicle should be locked with the alarm armed and the proximity key not in vehicle. Also, remember to use voice commands and enter your PIN only in private.

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