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Let's add your vehicle

Enter your 17-digit vehicle identification number

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How to find your VIN

  • 1
    Driver's side interior dashboard
  • 2
    Driver's side door jamb

Other places to look:
- Vehicle insurance card
- Vehicle title record (pink slip)


Step 2

Vehicle miles

Enter your car’s current miles so we can create a personalized service schedule.

Please enter Current Odometer.
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Step 3

Personal information


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Step 4

Driving habits

Select all current driving conditions accurately. Providing this information will help keep your car's maintenance up-to-date and working in it's best condition.

Based on your selections above it looks like you experience normal driving conditions. Refer to your owners manual for appropriate maintenance schedule.

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Step 5

Service location

Select a preferred service location

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Step 6

Activate your free connected services trial

Included in your complimentary trial:

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Thank you,

Your Genesis vehicle registration is complete.

Place VIN in the orange box

Enter Manually